Who are we ?

We are everyone, you and me.

Like you, our life was turned
upside down on March 11, 2020.

Like you, we survived the lock-down.

Like you, we have adapted to un-lock-down.

Like you, we have to live in
the post- lock-down era.

Like you, it bothers us to go
out masked and to spread gel on our hands.

Like you, we found ourselves
silly in front of the bakery or the taxi looking for a mask that we had left at

Like you, we found ourselves
having to buy a box of 50 masks for 50 USD. when we just wanted to buy a stick
of chewing-gum for 0,50 USD.

Like you, we are frustrated
to be deprived of contact, party, gathering, bar, gym, nightclub, in short
social life.

Like you, we are saturated
with Covid-19: on the news, in store windows, barrier gestures, morning, noon,
tea time and evening, at work, at school, in discussions with family, friends,
of colleagues, etc.

Like you, we’re tired of waiting for the “life
of before” – before the Covid-19.

Then we were taken into doubt.

What if there was no turning
back? What if we had to live with this virus forever? We have been told about
this for months, and this never-ending epidemic. No vaccine on the horizon,
only supportive treatments.

So we figured real life is
here and now, every day. Do we have to live with this epidemic? Duly Acknowledged. So be it!

We will therefore put on our
mask to kiss our friends, and we will rub our elbows with hydroalcoholic gel
before and after “elbowed” our colleagues, we will rinse our
cheeks with gel before and after having kissed our friends if necessary ! And
to experience it all, we invented K19.

It is a “PRO-LIFE-under-the-epidemic”
and “ANTI-covid-19” kit.

It could have been called “PRO-LIFE”,
but it sounds like the abortion issue. It is a Kit against sars-cov-2 (the
scientific name of the virus) discovered in 2019. It is a K-19.

Take care of yourself,
mentally, physically and humanely.

See you soon,

K-19 Team.