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On March 11, 2020 our way of life was completely turned upside down.

A few months later, it is now inconceivable to go out without a mask and without gel.

Before the gel was for fixing hair and surgical masks for surgeons! Today, masks and gel are essential in our daily lives: at school, at work, in transport, in stores, at the hairdresser and of course at the doctor and in the hospital!

Hard to pick up the right habits? K19 is here for you. This pouch is your adapter to this new reality. Welcome to this Brave New world !

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  • A really nice kit that I always take with me to go out my appartment. I really like this concept and I always put all my stuff inside.

  • I have distributed a kit to all of my clients that came to my office. Then, they could feel safe and resspectful to each other.